Fleet management for TNT

In 2008 TNT chose Ewals Cargo Care as a fleet management partner for the in-house expertise and perspectives on development and innovation. Safety and quality are very important topics because TNT’s on time delivery is crucial. TNT looks at Ewals Cargo Care as a sparring partner in load securing, technical maintenance, finding solutions to problems that arise and in finding the optimal trailer for TNT.

The TNT trailers are all integrated in the Ewals Cargo Care fleet management network. Ewals Cargo Care has built a lot of partnerships with suppliers and workshops near the TNT head depots throughout Europe. To guarantee the quality of the workshops, the mechanics are educated to work according to Ewals Cargo Care’s standards. Specific repair and maintenance procedures are implemented and regular quality checks are performed. These partnership based developments resulted into our unique European Fleet Control product offering.

Ewals Cargo Care makes the difference on these aspects in comparison to similar companies. Issues are always seriously dealt with and every effort is made to prevent problems. Ralf Täuber Manager Fleet, TNT Express Road Network
October 26, 2017