Duo Trailer: Join the movement

Ewals Cargo Care introduced the Duo trailer movement at the Transport Logistic fair in Munich. The Duo trailer is a combination of one truck towing two trailers of 13,6 meters, linked by a “dolly”. The Duo trailer is not yet allowed to drive on the European roads, although it is successfully tested on a small scale in Sweden.

As Ewals Cargo Care we see some major advantages like a CO2 reduction of up to 40%, cost reduction for customers, and relief to a decreasing population of drivers. Furthermore this transport concept makes maximum use of multimodality by using existing standards (13,6m trailer) and existing infrastructure (rail wagons, yards, ferry slots). Therefore we see this as an additional product option to our Multimodal Network: next to single combination road, rail and ferry.

For more information please have a look at the videos below:

The Duo trailer concept explained:

The Duo trailer driving in Sweden:

May 15, 2017