Subcontractor training ‘Train the trainer’

Ewals Cargo Care organised a two-day subcontractor training ‘Train the trainer’, with presentations and demonstrations from various in-house specialists. 16 different subcontractors from all over Europe attended the training at our head office in Tegelen.

Ewals Cargo Care is a capacity provider with a range of multimodal options, transporting 3000 trailers throughout Europe by road, rail and short sea. For the transport services by road own asset vehicles are combined with subcontractor trucks. Ewals Cargo Care stimulates the continuous improvement and education of employees and has set high quality standards for the in-house driver education. To help subcontractors in achieving the standard we have set for our drivers we organised a ‘Train the trainer’ program. Future driver trainers were educated using the training infrastructure developed by Ewals Cargo Care, with tools like a trailer manual, instruction videos, a training trailer for demonstrations and practicing, various e-learning modules and a driver knowledge test. The tools are available in six different languages; English, Spanish, Czech, Polish, Bulgarian and Romanian, enabling us to educate drivers from different nationalities.

At the end of the two-day training the participants showed that they had enough knowledge to pass the driver knowledge test with a good score and they all received a certificate. The next step will be a check at the location of the subcontractor to indicate if the subcontractor will be accredited to educate his drivers to meet Ewals Cargo Care’s requirements.

Drivers educated by the trainer that pass the driver knowledge test will receive a sticker, that can only be given by an accredited trainer. The sticker should be added to the trailer manual which the driver has to carry with him at all times. To check if the driver takes his knowledge into practice, Ewals Cargo Care does audits to examine the drivers performance at a customer site or harbour.

At this moment over 600 drivers have successfully been trained, resulting in positive responses from both customers and subcontractors.

November 7, 2017