Moved by Ewals

Moving your cargo from A to B with our wide and versatile range of products, that’s our expertise.

Moving you as a preferred and reliable partner, that’s our ultimate goal. Discover below how we offer you relief!


Your cross-border logistics network with local expertise


Automotive Industry
Car & spare parts

'Ewals offers customized solutions to deal with challenges like the upcoming Brexit and sudden peaks in deliveries. We make sure customers always stay a step ahead and have guarenteed capacity.'

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Fashion Industry

'Speed is of the essence to satisfy the (at times) rather unpredictable demand for clothes in shops all around Europe. Ewals’ advanced Fast Freight option is the answer. Combined with our seamless cultural fit, we rise to Inditex’s challenges.'

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Moving your part loads efficiently and flexibly


Automotive Industry
ZF (Slovakia)

'Together with Ewals Cargo Care, we selected a suitable set-up to transport our FTL, LTL and express shipments. Their willingness to cooperate, combined with their precise transit times, competitive rates and high level of professional care, make them the right partner for us.'
- Ing. Dominika Dudová, Manager of Transport Management / Shared Services Slovakia

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Dedicated to your niche and time-sensitive loads


Entertainment Industry
Event Materials

'Ewals Cargo Care is an efficient. professional and competitively priced transport supplier. We at EPS Events UK use Ewals as our European haulage partner.'
- Nigel Gilbert, Logistics Manager at EPS Events Ltd.

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Optimising and overseeing your logistics business


Automotive Exterior Industry
Inalfa Roof Systems

‘Highly organized, knowledgeable, resourceful and skilled professionals are what we get working with Ewals Logistics Control as a Control Tower. This means we can focus on our core business while transport is managed from a central point.' 
- Wouter Cox, Senior Specialist SCM, Inalfa Roof Systems B.V. Venray

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Enhancing your freight in the supply chain


Automotive Industry

'Being able to focus on your core business is a relief. Certain value-added services can be outsourced to Ewals because they are logistics experts.'

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Connecting the world to your business


Fashion Industry

‘Our partner Ewals Cargo Care has successfully created the Modint Consol Box concept for the Dutch fashion industry, thereby improving reliability and lowering 
costs and CO2 emissions.’
- Patric Hanselman, Director of Modint

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